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Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey
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About me...

Emine, female, 23 and Turkish. I do love reading book, especially HP series, Twilight Series and Jane Austen books. I also do love writing short stories and fanfics which are unfortunately in Turkish. Last but not least I love making icons, wallpapers etc... :)

About this journal This journal contains my personal entries for who would like to read.

You can also find my icons and graphics here at pin_point Feel free to friend/add/watch =)

Fandoms I don’t know how many tv shows I watch at the same time, my friends say one day my brain will melt, lol! :D Nowadays I watch Lie to me, True Blood, How I met your mother, Warehouse 13, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time and Grimm. But I am also fangirl of Alias, Eureka, Smallville, Merlin, Buffy the vampire slayer, Chuck, Pushing daisies, Grey’s anatomy, The mentalist and Kyle XY. Well, what do you think :D I like reading sci-fi and romantic books so I do love Harry Potter, Twilight and Jane Austen books. Actually I’m a fangirl of many fandoms, you’ll see it in time =)

Friending policy Please don’t hesitate adding me as friend if you find my entries interesting. I would be delighted to take comments from you ;)

See you…

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